TOKI and Happiness

Video, 04'07'' Istanbul, 2009

TOKI and Happiness (2009) deals with social housing developments in Turkey and the basic need for shelter for a person who lives in a city. Around the 2000s, TOKI (Housing Development Administration of Turkey) has constructed numerous new buildings all around the country. This video was filmed in Halkalı social housing area, in the outskirts of Istanbul. The footage showing the houses is accompanying texts deliberately repeating the words: “I am happy, so happy, very happy...” Happiness arrives when this person, who might be the artist herself, owns a house. Although it is a basic right for people to live in a balanced and proper environment, the lower classes have to settle down for these low quality houses offered by the state. The work also reflects on the distance between the intellectual reception of these houses and the emotions they evoke in their owners.

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