Nothing Can Happen to Us (Chernobyl)
7 April - 29 April 2006
Altı Aylık Project Space Istanbul
Initiators: Kristina Kramer, Sylvia Kouvali and Öykü Özsoy

This project, where the process is regarded as a fundamental element, focuses through the Chernobyl Disaster on the ignorance we are confronted daily in society and the components that constitute the core of this attitude - lack of knowledge, lack of curiosity and more gravely, conscious ignorance.The project entails performance, installations, texts published after the disaster containing the official censorship and propaganda measures, sound recordings and a wall painting expanding out into the space. [Excerpt from the press release.] Photo Credits: Sylvia Kouvali, Öykü Özsoy, Kristina Kramer and Elmas Deniz.

Works shown in this exhibition: