The Quality of Life for one

HD Video, 10' 30", 2012

The Quality of Life for one (2012) comprises the dialogue between a patient who is unable to dispose of waste and garbage and a doctor who tries to solve this so-called mental disorder. Through the character of the patient, who is treated as mentally ill, the film deals with the value of things, the nature of social consensus and the problem of garbage disposal, a problem that is increased by consumerism-based ignorant attitude to life. The first film written and directed by the artist, this work enables us to see the negative judgements made by a society which can easily throw away its garbage towards the individual who doesn’t share the same behaviour – perhaps because she knows that all garbage ends in the oceans. This lack of self-criticism of the society reveals an absurdity. The quality of life for ‘one’ resonates with the quality of life for ‘all.’

Camera: Sevgi Ortac, Timoteé Huget, Assistant: Gökhan Turhan, Cast: Can Candan, Elmas Deniz, Supported by: Yapı Kredi Publications Culture and Arts and Full Art Prize.

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