Are you waiting in line here? Yes.

Installation of text and Audio CD's in public space, image of the CD cover, Copenhagen, 2007

The work is produced for the Urban Pedestals exhibition. A car parking machine and pedestal were given as exhibition site. These objects reminded the artist a double act. Deniz placed a quote from a 1968 film by Castello & Abbott on the wall above the pedestals: "Are you waiting in line here? Yes.” alongside free copies of audio CDs containing a selection of comedy duos’ performances.

In this work, Deniz was inspired from a joke in the film: "Are you waiting in line here? Yes." In the film, Castello is alone in a quiet street and Abbott asks him as if he is queuing. Likewise, the street where the exhibition took place had very little life, and the local authorities thought it was a good idea to make an exhibition in order to create a dynamic turn for that street.

In this almost always empty street, you face a text on the wall while using the car parking machine. Deniz uses the joke to point at the gentrifying of the street by means of art.

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