Guided tours for guides

Event activity, Shots from the event(Anna Adahl) Kemeralti area, Izmir, 2007

Guided tours for guides(2007) is born out of an invitation I received for the peer2peer workshop. My proposal consisted of a guided tour in Kemeraltı area. Each participant were supposed to become a tour guide in rotation. Since the participants are foreign to the area, their narratives were quite absurd. I intented to create a symbolic nonhierarchical information exchange even though the information being shared is invalid.

Thanks to participants: Borga Kantürk, Merve Sendil, Taylan Özdere, Andrew Paterson, Richard Widerberg, Veronica Wiman, Anna Adahl.

The peer2peer workshop/exhibition at K2 Contemporary Art Centre in Izmir invited participating artists/curators from Finland, Sweden and Turkey, to explore material and human parables extending from the terminology of file-sharing, and collaborative open/proprietary networks. During the 3-day workshop, each participant contributed to constructing new social, eating, production and documentation site(s): Workshop peers proposed an 'event/activity' to be organised and developed individually or collaboratively, in dialogue with the others at these sites. These proposals acted as more-or-less experimental participatory structures to flatten distinctions between the participant (artist) and organiser (curator), hopefully inviting continued exchange and practice.

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