Two channel video sculpture installation, 15’ each, Istanbul, 2019

Sorrow (2019) is a collection of scenes depicting the river streams which were filmed in Longoz forests in İgneada . The area in which the video was taken is the planned development site of a nuclear energy plant. Including cinematographic images, the video immerses the viewer with a magnificent scene for a long duration, accompanied by ambient sounds. Since the moving image has dimensions of time and sound that prevent any distraction, it suggests the transformation of a river into a sculpture. The name of the work refers to the dense sadness to be felt upon confrontation with the potential and growing loss of nature over human-made intervention. The video traces the changes in one’s emotional response to nature from something enjoyable to something to lose: ‘a nature that is not yet burned, not yet polluted, not yet extinct’. Directing the viewer to ponder on the holistic character of nature, the artist questions the following: “What does the river encompass? When should a stream get our attention? Can water that runs by itself have rights of its own, can it be a legal person?”

The video-sculpture installation made by the recycled materials from the previous exhibition at Zilberman, Pedro Gómez-Egaña’s ISLANDS.

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